Custom website design, development, and support for your small business or e-commerce store.

What we do

Our experienced team builds business and e-commerce solutions. We work with businesses and organizations that want to move their business and their communities forward. From careful website development planning to post-launch maintenance, we help find the solution that will help make your business stronger, your community informed, and provide peace of mind that you're in good hands.

Website Planning Design and Development

Design & development to fit your needs...

Website development

Business Website
Design & Development

When it comes to your business, you need a conversion-focused website with a modern design, built to support your goals. You can rely on WebArc to create a beautiful, seamless site for both mobile and desktop that provides the all-star first impression that will keep customers coming back.

Ecommerce Development

Design & Development

In the online retail industry, websites must be in tip-top shape to compete in the marketplace. With an eye to excellent design, superior speed, and optimized user experience, WebArc is the partner you need to become an e-commerce powerhouse. We work with a variety of platforms to provide the right solution for your business.

LMS Development

Management Systems

We have the design and development expertise to help you create a course that stands out for all the right reasons. While there are many hosted LMS solutions to choose from, WebArc will customize a solution that fits your needs every step of the way, from branding to layout and design.

Combined with website care to protect your investment

WordPress care

Full Service
Website Care & Hosting

Neglecting your website leads to slow performance and compromised security, but what business owner has time to constantly update and optimize? Even digital agencies may need platform-specific expertise or assistance handling high workloads.

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Accessibility & Care

A website that looks good, functions well and showcases your products and services effectively is what every business owner wants. Unfortunately, there's one crucial goal many are unaware of - making the site accessible to visitors with disabilities is critically important, too.

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Website Audits
& Project Rescues

Slow or poorly functioning websites are a major cause of lost revenue for business owners. In today's "right now" online environment, web users won't waste time waiting for your site - they'll simply move on, taking their business with them. To make matters worse, Google ranks slow websites lower in search results!

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How we help

Merchants, business owners and agencies across the US count on WebArc Technologies for their website needs, with services to help you make a great impression and deliver the best performance for your website visitors. We offer a complete range of services that let you focus serving your customers and growing your business, confident that your website is effectively supporting your hard work.

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