The 3 Email Templates You Really Need

Email is the most powerful tool you have when promoting your business. Despite explosions in consumer use of social media, email remains the king of digital marketing, with new customer acquisition rates and return on investment that far surpass any other form of marketing online. If you aren’t leveraging email marketing to get and keep customers, you should consider moving in that direction. Regardless of whether you are new to mass emails or a seasoned pro, having email templates to improve your efficiency is a must. You can develop these email templates using something as simple as a Word doc or as multifaceted as ActiveCampaign or mailchimp. 

Why Use Email Templates?

Email templates can help you with automating your sales funnel. These emails can be sent out over and over again to different individuals or groups of people depending on where they are in your company’s funnel. Ideally, you should develop specific triggers for these emails so you never have to guess when they should be sent out. Take care in branding and designing these templates, because they might become the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal!

The welcome email template

This email is often overlooked, but a welcome email is the key to gaining your customers’ trust! When a customer signs up for your newsletter, enters their email address to get a promo code, or submits a contact form, the first thing you should do is send a welcome email! Thank them for joining you on your journey, and remind them of your unique value proposition. (Don’t have one? More on that here.) List how they can contact you with any questions or problems. 

While it’s true that people often skim these emails and then discard them, it’s important to remind them who you are and pave the way for future mail in their inbox. Furthermore, if customers don’t receive a welcome email soon after signing up for a newsletter or subscription, they may wonder if the sign-up even worked. Don’t leave them wondering about whether you are trustworthy and efficient.

The sales email

This may be the most common email template out there, which is all the more reason to personalize it and create something that will stand out from the crowd. While you may change the products or services highlighted in your sales email pretty frequently, you can get quite a bit of mileage using the same basic template. To theme and style it, consider the season, whether your customer has bought from you before, and your unique value proposition.

The retargeting/repitching email

It can be so disappointing when would-be customers abandon their cart midway through checkout or when a client you already sent a proposal and contract to ghosts you. Fortunately, retargeting is a highly successful way to secure those customers who slipped through your fingers. Depending on your business model, you may not even need any additional retargeting software to capture those clients.

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