How to Get Blog Post Ideas from Your Own Site

If you create your own website content, brainstorming post ideas might be a never-ending battle. Even if you come up with ideas weeks or months in advance, you dread the day when it’s time to sit down and put new post ideas on the calendar. Fortunately, there’s an incredibly easy and effective resource at your disposal – your own blog history! Below, I showcase four different ways to mine your own blog for new topics.

1. Rethink Scale and Scope

When you’re looking through your old posts, consider whether you could take a step back or forward from the existing topic to create a new blog post. For example, if you already have a post on mastering social media for small businesses, perhaps you could hone in on Facebook and Instagram for two new articles. On the other hand, if you already have articles about how to choose the best hiking boots, you could write about why having great hiking boots is essential.

2. Target a Different Audience

To reimagine your posts and attract a different demographic, think about existing articles from a different perspective. Maybe you already have an article about things new CPA’s should know. You could create a new listicle featuring twenty things you should remember as an experienced CPA. This is an incredibly fast and easy way to create new, distinct articles.

3. Flip the Script to Find New Blog Post Ideas

One of the most common types of blog posts is the “how to” post. If you have a bunch of these articles on your blog, it might be time to flip the script and create content on what not to do. If you already have great tips on how to do things properly, give your readers ideas of what to avoid.

4. Create a New Post Type

If you already have a highly-viewed article about a popular topic, think about repurposing it in another form. Take a blog post to a video or an interview with an industry expert. This keeps your content relevant and gives viewers more options.

Next time you’re struggling to generate post ideas, turn to your own blog! Need even more blog ideas? Try the fabulous HubSpot blog post topic generator. Want more people to see your posts? Find out how to grow your email list.

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