What is a Website Audit? Is it Important?

What is a Website Audit?

Like other audits, a website audit is a complete analysis of performance, value, and success. Depending on the specific type of audit performed on your website, there are many things you might learn more about via an audit. Some focus on improving User Experience (UX), others on attaining greater visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and yet others on accessibility. These audits, either by hand or through automated crawling, analyze your website to see how it could be improved.

Would My Business Benefit from a Website Audit?

In most cases, web audits are a very low-cost way to diagnose your website and improve your numbers of incoming web leads. Website audits have the following benefits for businesses:

  • Find out how fast and secure your site is: If your website is having major problems with loading, or worse, is not secure, this is not only a problem but a liability. 
  • Learn how to improve conversion rates: Maybe your website is fully operational, but you never seem to get contact form submissions or purchases from it. If this sounds like you, a website audit is an amazing opportunity to learn why customers are not taking action on your site. 
  • Discover more about your site’s SEO: Is your website performing poorly on Google? If yes (or if you have no idea), now is a great time to find out why. An audit gives you an opportunity to fix any SEO issues on your site and move forward with better practices.
  • Know what you want from a new or improved website: If you’re considering paying a development agency for a site upgrade or a brand new website, you should go into it knowing exactly what you want improved or removed. These audits give you the power and language to set goals.

How Can I Get a Website Audit?

Many development agencies offer website audits for a very small fee, or even for free. Reach out to us today if you are interested in a free, fast, non-invasive audit customized to your business, your website, and your goals.

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