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Website performance optimization services

We help fix performance problems by optimizing your website from the server to the cloud to the user's browser. 

Benefits of performance optimization

Faster Load Times

Our services will help you increase the performance of your websites giving your users a much better user experience.

Improved Conversions

Selling a product or service? The financial cost of a slow loading website can be big. A optimized website can increase conversions on your website.

Improved Productivity

A slow loading website can also decrease productivity of your website managers and fulfillment process. Improving performance can regain that time.

Decreased Hosting Costs

Optimizing your website reduces CDN costs and bandwidth on your website saving you money for other business needs.

Website security scans and monitoring

We believe one of the most important aspects to owning and operating a website is maintaining its security. Many think of security as just having a strong username and password but really it involves so much more than that.

We can conduct a website security audit on your Magento or WordPress website and let you know where you and your customers may be the most vulnerable.


Benefits of security updates, scans and monitoring

One Step Ahead

Whenever possible we'd like to head off an attack before it happens and find vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Proactive security updates help us accomplish that goal.

Identify Issues Quickly

If the site has been compromised, a daily scan can alert you to malware or other potential problems on your site thus reducing the chance your first notice is from one of your customers.

Website Safety

Your business process, customer data and consumer confidence is important to your business. Security scans and trust points can give your users confidence that their interactions are safe and secure.

Site Recovery

WebArc Technologies offers website recovery services after your website has been hacked. We will conduct thorough website security scans of your Magento or WordPress website, identify the hack, clean it up and help develop an action plan to help prevent any further attacks.


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