Get the examination your website needs

Each audit begins with a thorough analysis of your site's plugins, themes and core software to identify any issues that may be limiting performance or creating security vulnerabilities, including undetected malware. We then provide a detailed audit report that explains our findings and give you an action plan with recommendations to increase website speed or security. We can also make identified improvements as an additional service.

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Take Proactive measures

A website audit from WebArc Technologies helps you minimize the risks of lost business and cybercrime. Nothing can totally eliminate the threat of hacking or ensure 100% performance. However, routine maintenance and updates provide a significant boost to both speed and security. A website performance audit or website security audit of your WordPress or Magento site helps you stay competitive and keep hackers out.

Don't let a breach get you down

If hackers breach your site, you lose more than business. The loss of personal and financial data poses a serious threat to you and your customers, and leaves your reputation in tatters. Your ecommerce customers trust you with their credit cards, banking information and other personal information. Are you taking sufficient precautions to protect it?

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Protect your website investment

Whether you've noticed slow site performance, been hacked or simply want to take a proactive stance to minimize these serious threats, a website checkup can help you protect your most important business asset. Don't let hackers or slow performance put your business and your customers at risk. Contact the website security and performance experts at WebArc Technologies today to learn why a website checkup is a smart investment in your business.

Why WebArc

Just like every other reputable development company, we have experience and expertise. What sets us apart is that we bridge the gap between web development and business success. We go the extra mile to learn the specifics about your business, your origins, and your customers. This means that we have a special ability to nail your branding and design, which means increased trust, credibility, and sales for you. Read more about our team here.

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