Importance of a website care plan

A website care plan is like an insurance policy, in that you may not realize you need one until it’s too late. Ask yourself: Could you handle an unexpected crash? What happens if cybercriminals take control of your website? Do you know how to update content, plugins and other important site elements?


Avoid poor security and bad performance

Neglecting your website leads to slow performance and compromised security, but what business owner has time to constantly update and optimize? Even digital agencies may need platform-specific expertise or assistance handling high workloads. WebArc has you covered, with website maintenance and hosting services that make it easy for you to properly maintain your WordPress or Magento website.

WordPress website updates for peace of mind

For WordPress sites, we offer a streamlined update process that ensures your site has the latest versions of plugins, themes and core WordPress software for maximum safety and optimal performance. You’ll receive monthly audit reports documenting updates, database cleanup and other maintenance work, and can feel confident knowing your site is maintained by developers with many years of WordPress experience.

Magento and WordPress Care Plans

Keep your E-Commerce customer data safe

E-Commerce site owners can take comfort as well, with our knowledgeable professionals keeping the core software updated and security patches applied. Where applicable we use version control systems and automated backups to make sure your site is fully updated, so you have the latest security tools in place and recovery takes less time in the event of a server crash or another type of incident.

Website care plans that fit your business

Our website care plans help keep your visitors’ data safe and minimize the risk of hacking, while improving site performance for a faster, glitch-free experience. Our experts continually monitor and make updates to site components as they become available – monthly, weekly or even more often, depending on your care plan. We can even assist with updating images, text and other site content as an add-on service.


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