User Interface Design Trends for 2020

Web design is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. User interface design trends can have a huge impact on the look and feel of cutting-edge websites. Even if you’re not a web designer or business owner with a website, you probably see these trends in action almost every day! 

1. Concise navigation

In most cases, gone are the days of massive megamenus that overwhelm users with dozens of category and page options. In fact, many dropdown menus are disappearing altogether. They’re being replaced by simple, aesthetically pleasing top menus that give users the basics. Most menu items are represented by a single word. Designers are learning that users love simplicity. According to a Nielsen Norman Group study, websites with concise copy score 58% higher on usability tests. The trend to reduce menus in terms of both size and verbosity definitely isn’t going away.

2. Overlapping layers

This user interface design trend is part of a general movement away from the blocky designs of early websites. Designers are reimagining best practices for website design. Instead of creating symmetrical, balanced websites with each element separate, the new trend is to use beautifully overlapped layers and asymmetrical placement to draw the eye. This more artistic style is captivating users.

3. Sketch-style illustrations

This trend isn’t completely new, but it’s certainly growing in popularity. Sketch-style illustrations are replacing traditional icons, bullet points, images, and even charts and graphs. Users and designers alike love these illustrations because they provide a human, hand-drawn touch in a design world that can otherwise feel cold and isolated.

4. White space

Smart designers know content is king. However, that content is useless if users don’t have adequate time to process and digest it. That’s why user interface design trends toward surrounding meaningful copy or videos with space. This way, they encourage visitors to sit with content and truly take it in before moving on.


What other trends have you noticed in 2020? What do you predict in 2021? Share with us in the comments! Read more about the traits of an effective e-commerce website.

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