3 Steps to Website Accessibility

Find the problems

We use both automated and manual tools to analyze your site. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us check all the boxes and ensure that we are getting into every nook and cranny, both to protect you from legal action and to make your site as accessible as possible for every user.

Once our analysis is complete, we will have pinpointed every location that presents an accessibility issue. Some issues, like ALT tags, are easy to spot and relatively common knowledge. But we go much deeper than other teams to uncover areas that are more complex and nuanced, yet still important to meet the requirements of the ADA and other legal statutes. Our expert staff carefully reviewed, vetted, and chose the protocols and tools we use to ensure that we are as thorough as possible.

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Repair accessibility issues

At this point, we go through a comprehensive, multi-step process to fix any issues that were uncovered. Our system scans all images, buttons, forms, and objects to assess the context and data that each contains.

From there, we will compose and assign alternative text where needed as well as determine what colors, shapes, size adjustments, font changes, and text options need to be adjusted to make every part of your site fully accessible for everyone on the Web.

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Manage and maintain

Often, websites that undergo a manual web accessibility project lose their level of compliance as soon as the first update is made. In many cases, after a relatively short period of time, entire sections of your site can become inaccessible again. 

This is particularly true if multiple people make updates to your site, like adding blog posts, updating plugins and even adding photos. Without careful monitoring, these changes and additions can create "accessibility gaps" on the website. The more updates you make on average, the more gaps the website will have, eventually completely falling out of compliance, and all that work you did goes down the tubes. That's why monitoring and regular maintenance is so important. Included in our accessibility offering is a thorough scan every 48 hours to identify any issues as they are made, maintain your accessibility status, and ensure that the investment you make sees the returns you want.

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Accessibility tools for every disability

Over 50 features that people with disabilities can use to tailor any website to their personal needs.

Web Accessibility for the blind:Optimizing websites for screen readers by utilizing AI and image recognition Technologies

Our system utilizes artificial intelligence technologies to make websites compatible with screen readers. It knows how to scan, analyze, and understand a website's structure, element roles, forms and more, making them all compliant with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards.

Beyond that, our partner's AI provides accurate alternative text descriptions to images (Alt tags) for the screen readers of visually impaired people. This is done by utilizing OCR and IRIS technologies.

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Websites for the motor impaired - motor impaired keyboard

Web Accessibility for the Motor Impaired:Optimization for keyboard navigation used by people with Parkinson's disease and other motor impairments

People who suffer from Parkinson's, amputees, or other impairments are unable to use a mouse effectively. They use computers with their keyboards only while utilizing a selected number of keys.

Our partner software automatically ensures that a website is fully navigable using the TAB key alone, including dropdown menus, popups, and forms. Moreover, all navigation elements are given visible focuses and are clickable using ENTER.

Web Accessibility for the Elderly and People with Cognitive Impairment:A built-in expression, slang, and phrase dictionary

Elderly people, people suffering from cognitive impairments, and people who have had brain strokes may find it hard to comprehend sophisticated language, slang, or specific phrases or expressions. This can make it difficult for them to use the internet effectively.

To enhance their experience, our partner software offers a built-in dictionary that quickly provides a full description of abbreviations and expressions, without transferring to an external website or rephrasing the content itself.

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Web Accessibility for People with Epilepsy:Automatically and immediately stopping blinks and animations of all kinds with the click of a button

Web Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments:Color adjustments for the colorblind, alterations of font size and type, spacing, emphases, large cursors, and more!

People who suffer from visual impairments, such as color blindness, glaucoma, and cataracts, cannot enjoy websites and their content to the fullest. This is true for various reasons, such as experiencing headaches derived from contrast issues, missing buttons due to not being able to see their color, or even not being able to read entire text blocks that are poorly spaced and appear blurry.

Our partner software allows visually impaired people to adjust almost any aspect of a website to their needs. It can increase or decrease font sizes, add or remove spacing between words, letters, or rows, change the font entirely, or even change colors and contrast.

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Our Web Accessibility Service Includes

Industry standards dictate that for web content to be truly accessible, it should be consumable by everyone, operable by everyone, understandable for all and robust. Let us help you provide that to your visitors.

Accessibility cleanup

  • Website Audit before and after accessibility cleanup
  • 10 Hours of Website Accessibility Consulting and applied fixes from website audit
  • Accessibility statement of compliance for WCAG 2.1, ADA Title 3, Section 508 and EN 301549
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Accessibility Monitoring and Website Care

  • Automated scans every 24 hours to detect and solve accessibility gaps
  • Software that includes 50 features that people with disabilities can use to tailor your website to their personal needs
  • Software Interface customized to fit your site design for a seamless experience for all users
  • Monthly review by account manager and development team to make sure the site is maintaining compliance and is properly updated.
  • Unlimited monthly content updates
  • Daily site backups stored offsite
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Daily Security Malware and Reputation Scan
  • Performance monitoring

SEO & Analytics

  • Monthly reporting for SEO and Analytics metrics
  • Webmaster Tools monitoring and fixes
  • Site Schema Markup review and maintenance
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