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Where you host your website is important

It's no secret that visitors expect websites to load quickly. Even a 1 second delay can reduce your conversions by 7%. It's also no secret users expect their browsing experience be secure. We have certified AWS hosting professionals that can make sure your website is fast, secure and available for your website visitors.

Website Hosting Solutions

At WebArc Technologies, we will evaluate your website and recommend a hosting platform that fits your needs. We work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our high performance needs but also offer scalable shared hosting solutions for business and blog websites. 

AWS Certified Engineers

Our experienced server engineers develop scalable hosting solutions and can assist in finding you the optimal hosting solution.

Website Monitoring Maintenance

Keeping your website up to date is an important factor in the security of your website. We can monitor the health of your website, apply patches and updates to critical software keeping your website safe for visitors.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Website security begins at the server but also extends to the cloud. We integrate your website with a (CDN) to help make your website fast and secure.

Performance Checks and Monitoring

Website visitors expect a quick loading page and will go elsewhere if your site is too slow. We can monitor your website performance and make changes to improve your page load time.

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