Website proposals: 4 things to look for

If you’ve received a new website proposal, congratulations are in order! Your business is about to take a big step forward. While a new site is an exciting prospect, the documents associated with it can be an overwhelming prospect. When you’re looking through multiple documents from different development firms, things can get confusing fast. That’s why we’ve created this intuitive guide to website proposals. If a proposal doesn’t check all the boxes below, it’s time to move on and find a different professional for your site.

1. Do they understand your company and brand?

Before a reputable company makes a bid on your project, they do research and likely have a consultation call with you to understand your needs. The proposal should be explicit in terms of your needs and goals. The proposal should make clear that the prospective development company understands the way your company works and its position in the industry.

2. Have they clearly stated how the work will be performed?

If there’s not an obvious timeline or process breakdown, run the other way. By the end of the proposal, you should have a clear understanding of what will happen when. The document should also clarify what you will be responsible for, how communication will be managed, and what specific steps will be taken to ensure your website’s long-term success.

3. Is there a thorough cost breakdown?

You deserve to know what you’re paying for. Look for a line-item budget that specifies which services, add-ons, and labor are included. Make sure everything you require is included in the project cost. Additionally, watch out for hidden costs. Often, companies charge extra for rework or changes – this makes sense, but double-check that their hourly fee for additional development is within your budget.

4. Will they take care of you after launch?

Some low-budget companies will leave you high and dry after site launch. Check that the company you’re considering has a plan to ensure your site’s safety long after launch day. Will they make sure you can access all of the accounts and services related to the site? Do they have options for care plans to make sure your site stays updated and current? Keep these necessities in mind as you consider your options.

Next steps

While this list isn’t comprehensive, it’s a great baseline. Any longtime pro should be including these in website proposals as a matter of course. Remember that you don’t have to accept the proposal precisely as-is; you can always ask for clarification or revision. If you’re looking for a proposal that checks all the boxes, contact us today to talk about your new website or upgrade.

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Chantelle Gossner

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