Why your content isn’t reaching your audience

Many business owners shell out virtually endless time, effort, and money for their web presence. They get trusted staff members or skilled freelance writers to produce interesting, eye-catching blog and site content. Despite all this, they find it hard to get new leads online. Sound familiar? If your content isn’t reaching your audience, the likely culprit is poor Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. This term describes the broad array of content, architecture, structure, and link elements that Google and other search engines use to rank your website in results and suggest you to users. Even if you are already producing killer content, knowledge of SEO success factors can help drive organic traffic to your website and exponentially increase your inquiries and new clients.

Some SEO work is intuitive; it might seem obvious that you should curate articles and pages that appeal to your target audience and that you should avoid overly long titles. However, when you consider how many different components are being ranked daily by uber-attentive robots that crawl your site, things can get overwhelming. You know how to put together a great blog article, but how many characters does it take to make up the perfect meta description? How will you know if your internal links are missing an anchor? Your page may load quickly on your own desktop, but if it takes more than a few seconds to load on a mobile device, it could be buried several pages deep in a Google search. Ranking well in terms of SEO can mean success or failure for your online presence.

As a business owner or website manager, sometimes the best thing you can do is procure expert help. WebArc Technologies is proud to provide SEO solutions customized to your website with our in-house tools and devoted team members. At a price that fits your business’ budget, we will work with you to modify existing content to match top SEO standards and provide guidelines for developing content that will drive more traffic (and therefore potential clients) to your site. Schedule a conversation with us to learn more today! Need more tips on content effectiveness? Read more here.

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