Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business

Last year, the vast majority of businesses took a hit due to COVID-19. Finances were tight, regulations were constantly changing, and staff and customers were hard to find and even harder to keep. Luckily, forecasts for this year are much, much brighter. Holiday sales in the US are expected to be higher in 2021 than any previous year, topping 1 trillion dollars. High growth and great performance in the e-commerce realm are expected to continue, with online sales forecasted to grow over 10%. What’s more, among individual consumers, 39% plan to spend more this holiday season than they have in years past, compared to just 18% who say their total spending will be lower.

Why Bother with Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business?

With so many other things going on during the holiday season, not least of which is your own family and life outside your business, it can be easy to let new content slip through the cracks of your to-do list. However, developing holiday content that helps your industry and business shine is completely and totally worth it. We list the reasons why this is true below.

Higher Demand

Demand peaks in the winter months for almost every kind of good and service. With the gathering of family and the changing of the year, it’s easy to see why many industries have higher sales than usual – gifts, gym memberships, nutrition plans, and more go like hotcakes during the final months of the year. What many people don’t realize is that the unique potential for holiday sales and offerings runs even deeper than this. If you look for opportunities to enhance your content and focus it on seasonal matters, you’re likely to see an increase in interest, regardless of what industry you work in. 

Tailor your posts to this time of year – dentists’ offices might post about how to avoid weakening your teeth with sugary holiday treats, attorneys and tax professionals might post about how to get your paperwork in order for the end of the year, and other types of service businesses might post about how to gift services or opportunities to loved ones.

Sense of Urgency

The winter season makes buyers and service seekers of all kinds feel a deep sense of urgency. In many cases, this is because it’s gift-giving season, and buyers are targeting Christmas, Hanukkah, or another gifting occasion. Furthermore, this sense of urgency is enhanced by time-sensitive sales and offers. The changing of the year can also make people feel as though they ought to get something done now so that they can go into the new year fresh and prepared.

Content that reminds people of the time of year and the need to buy gifts and prepare for the year ahead can really help give your clients the push they need to remain a loyal customer.

Promotion Opportunities

Even beyond the big sale days of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, the winter season is a great time to run promotions. One reason for this is that people are often looking for more products and services by volume than they normally would be. Instead of only looking for one product for use in their own household, they are looking for additional products and services to give as gifts and will love buy 2 get 1 free promotions or offers where they can get a gift certificate for spending a certain amount at your business. Fresh, seasonal content is a fantastic way to get your name out there and make sure your promotions are publicized.

Our List of Perfect Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business

  1. How Our Products/Services Can Improve Your Holiday Season – this is a great way to highlight and build on the sense of urgency your potential customers feel during the holiday season.
  2. Why Winter is the Best Time to Update Your…(legal documents, hair color, home decor, etc.)
  3. New Year’s Checklist – with people looking forward to what they can accomplish during the new year, they want to get organized and set priorities. Make sure your business lands among those top priorities!
  4. Local Gift Guide that includes products or services from your own business as well as other local businesses
  5. Holiday Guide for Exploring Your City – this is another opportunity to highlight local character and build up other local businesses. People love to shop small and feel connected to their communities during the holiday season.
  6. Get to Know the Team: Our Favorite Holiday Recipes and Traditions – Any time your readers can get a glimpse of the real humans behind your business is an opportunity to create an emotional connection and build relationships.
  7. Charitable or Service Opportunities in Your Community – Everyone loves a business that gives back! Try composing a list of opportunities to serve or donate in your community, and make sure to indicate your business’ involvement in these organizations. Something as simple as creating a food drive with a drop-off box at your business for the local food pantry can really connect you to your community.
  8. 12 Days Series – The 12 days of Christmas is an ever-popular content structure around the holiday season. A simple way to do this is to provide a free tip, employee profile, or special offer for each day. However, there are many ways to go about this, and you can do a series of 12 for almost any concept you can think of.
  9. Year in Review – While your customers are wrapping up their year and thinking about the coming one, this is a great time to reflect on your business. A year in review could contemplate how your team has grown, what community efforts you took part in, what new projects were added to your portfolio, and so much more.
  10. Winter Themed Printables or Guides – Free downloads and printables that can add value for your clients are always a good idea. Regardless of whether you’re providing a template to improve marketing strategy or a simple printable coloring page for their kids, your clients will appreciate the value you’re providing.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these holiday blog post ideas!

P.S. looking for the perfect image to go with those wintery content pieces? Read more about how to choose images for your brand in our previous post.

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