Summer Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business

In honor of the recent summer solstice, we’re here to provide guidance on summer content to bring new visitors to your website and boost your traffic. Seasonal content is an amazing tool to build your business online. It’s always a good idea to create new evergreen content, which is content that stays consistently relevant and will always be of interest for your readers. However, evergreen content alone rarely provides the traffic surges and bursts of immediate interest that you will need to grow your audience and gradually boost your performance in search results. 

Why Bother with Summer Blog Post Ideas?

It’s worth noting that true evergreen content is pretty rare. If your blog has been going for a while and you consistently track your analytics, you are likely aware that you only have a few pieces of content that get continuous visits and attract new readers over time. Seasonal or trendy content is an amazing tool to augment your evergreen content. Furthermore, it can really help your SEO and search engine rankings – Pinterest and Google tend to favor the content that people are searching for, and because of ongoing ranking algorithms, your seasonal content can actually perform better than your evergreen content during the months when it’s relevant.

Our Best Summer Blog Post Ideas

  1. Summer bucket list ideas (bonus points for featuring other local businesses!)
  2. Summer staycation ideas in your area
  3. Top summer trends
  4. Top summer recipe ideas and where to find the ingredients locally
  5. Summer cocktails to enjoy on hot nights
  6. Your favorite summer foods
  7. Local summer events to enjoy
  8. Summer deals and discounts – this is a great opportunity to partner with other small businesses and add value for your readers all at the same time!
  9. Summer decor tips
  10. Home maintenance tasks to get done during the summer
  11. Hiking trails and outdoor activities near your town
  12. A Pride Month post about your business’ efforts to support the LGBTQ+ community
  13. How to safely have fun in the sun with reminders about sun protection, hydration, and any local wildlife
  14. Local celebrations for the 4th of July, Pride Month, or other special occasions, listing parades and other events
  15. Hidden gems in and around your town
  16. Beach read recommendations
  17. Travel tips or road trip routes for summer
  18. Free activities in your city
  19. How to declutter your space
  20. Favorite summer snacks
  21. Your staff’s idea of the perfect summer day
  22. Employees’ favorite summer recipes
  23. Summer fitness challenge
  24. Boredom buster activities
  25. Volunteer opportunities near you
  26. Post a curated list of your own favorite summer-related content
  27. Best summer movies to watch
  28. Review a summer-related product, book, or movie
  29. Run a summer contest or giveaway
  30. Summer outfit or makeup ideas

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