Why Choose WordPress? 3 Great Reasons

If you have a business, you need a website. And if you need a website, the first thing to consider is what platform your website should be built on. For most small businesses, there’s only one great answer. In this post, we will answer the question: Why choose WordPress?

To provide a bit of background, WordPress is the single most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world, powering nearly one third of websites globally. It is used by beginners and experts alike, for projects ranging from personal blogs to massive news publishing operations or full-fledged retail shops. If you consult with a web developer about a brochure website or a small to medium online store, there’s an exceptionally good chance they will recommend WordPress. Why choose WordPress? We explain below.

1. Extensive Adaptability and Customizability

One of the biggest reasons that the platform is so popular is its ability to fit a broad range of needs. WordPress is often thought of as a blogging platform; while it’s ideal for that purpose, it has so many more uses and features! It is easy to transform a WordPress site into an e-commerce medium to offer and advertise your products. It is also great as a brochure website to advertise your accounting firm, law office, photography company, or other service-oriented business. Beyond that, WordPress is immensely scalable. It can grow with your business, making appropriate changes and adaptations easy along the way.

Because WordPress is so popular, it has thousands of available plug-ins that take its capabilities beyond its already-impressive basic functionality. If you have a specific wish for your website, there’s probably a way to adapt WordPress to fulfill it.

2. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is built for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Out of the box, the WordPress framework is very easy for search engines to crawl and index, meaning websites that use WordPress generally get ranked higher than those that don’t. A visible website is a good website, so this SEO boost is a very attractive feature for anyone who owns or operates a business website. Furthermore, countless WordPress plugins make it easy to see and optimize the SEO traits of your site.

3. Optimized for All Devices and Content Types

WordPress plays well with virtually all devices that your visitors might use to access your site; if you have both mobile and desktop users, WordPress is a great option. Additionally, it works with so many different media types. Regardless of whether you are a blogger, vlogger, podcaster, visual artist, or something else entirely, WordPress is ready to accommodate your needs and display your content to its best advantage.

There are so many other reasons to choose WordPress that they would never fit in just one blog post! Comment below if you think we should make this a series! Next time you find yourself asking, “Why choose WordPress?” you’ll be aware of a few of the many benefits this platform can offer! Ready to get started on your WordPress project? Before you consult with a developer, check out our tips on whether to choose a fixed cost or hourly cost project.

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