Why hiring the right development team is important

Anyone can tell you that your business needs a functional and visually appealing website to succeed. Sometimes, though, the way to achieve that doesn’t seem so clear. Some professionals operate their own websites through an internal developer or team, and others find success in outsourcing their work to someone in another part of the country or globe. This article explores the pros and cons of hiring an external development staff.

An Outside Agency is Often the Key to Hiring the Right Development Team

Proven development

An external developer can show you testimonials and completed projects. If you hire for an internal developer, unless you have a large budget, you may find yourself hiring someone fresh out of college. Established web development companies have portfolios to show you the level of service and expertise you need.

Breadth and depth of know-how and services

If you’re a small business owner, odds are that your internal team would be a one-man show. Development companies can provide you with a full team of experienced individuals, each with both specialized and general knowledge. This diversity in terms of experience, age, and services offered will help your business be flexible beyond a surface level. You want your business to be unique, and external developers can help you achieve that.

Lower long-term cost

Instead of paying a full salary to one or more people working exclusively for you, hiring an outside company can save you tons of money. Most developers charge by the task or by the hour. This way, you can do the easy stuff (like managing content) yourself and let someone else manage the technical aspects and take care of any bugs that arise. This will likely cost you far less than paying one individual to be on-call regardless of whether you actually need help. Full-time employees require attention, time, training, and benefits as well as compensation. With an outside developer, you can pay for what you need.

Supplemental support

Even if you already have an on-site developer, establishing a relationship with another company can guarantee outside resources when you encounter a major issue that your staff, for one reason or another, can’t fix.

Expert help with hiring the right development team

Development companies have extensive experience in recruiting, training, and managing technology professionals. The unique skill sets and personalities of developers can be difficult to find and manage without this expertise. With an outside firm, you can rest assured that you have the right personnel for the job at hand.

Despite all this, there are occasions when hiring a full-time developer can work to your advantage. If you are building a complete software as a service system, it’s probably best to have someone on-site so that you can consistently communicate. If you are a large company with extensive needs, hiring your own full development team can be advantageous.

However, if you are a growing business with an e-commerce or professional services site, you can maximize outcomes and minimize costs by hiring outside development experts. If you are in search of a development team that matches your needs, please contact us for a consultation.

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