Spring Blog Post Ideas for Your Small Business

Now that the air is warming up and the sun is shining, businesses and content creators all over the country are racking their brains for spring blog post ideas! Coming up with new post ideas for your small business can definitely be a challenge, but sometimes the changing of the seasons can inspire new topics. Evergreen posts, or posts that are popular regardless of the season or year, are an essential for any blog. However, seasonal posts can be great temporary traffic drivers to bring new visitors to your site and grow your domain authority over time. Check out our ideas for what content to bring to your blog this spring!

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Spring Blog Post Ideas for E-commerce

  • Spring trends in your industry: Trends are a great topic for a seasonal post because they are ever-changing, and people are eager to be aware of what’s popular. Regardless of your industry, you can find a trend to cover. The options are obvious if you sell clothing or accessories, but there’s a great blog post to be written on spring trends even if you are in a very different sector of the e-commerce market! If you sell kitchen or home items, you can write about trends in terms of spring recipes or decor choices. If you sell car parts or bikes, you could publish a post about new ways people are tricking out their vehicles this spring. The options are endless! Need help coming up with an idea? Write us a comment and we’ll help you brainstorm!
  • Ideas for using your products this spring: A post like this is awesome because it allows you to show off your product photos and inspire people with new ways to use your own projects. Show them how to style your t-shirts or wall art, or showcase how your ultralight backpacking products can make their spring hikes easier! 
  • Upcoming sales or discounts: The only thing people love better than a sale is a sale they know about in advance! People love looking forward to purchases. Now is a great time to inform customers about your spring promotions, or even your Memorial Day and 4th of July discounts. Promo codes are a huge tool in getting people excited about your e-commerce store, so a post with details about your upcoming discounts can bring newcomers to your site or get people to purchase when they would otherwise just browse.

Spring Blog Post Ideas for Service Businesses (Tax professionals, photographers, salons, attorneys, and more!)

  • Spring checklist for your clients: Everyone likes to feel prepared, and most people love to have a to-do list to check off all their tasks. Better yet if the list comes from a professional! These lists are endlessly modifiable depending on what services you provide. If you are a tax or legal professional, you might create a post on which documents and information people should make sure to organize so they can be prepared. If you run a photography business, you can prepare a checklist for people getting ready for spring photographs – it could include such things as making sure their contract is signed and deposit is paid, alongside more whimsical items like how to choose outfits and how to prepare kids for a family shoot.
  • Why spring is the perfect time to use your services: Give potential clients a reason to book your services right now! Tell them why spring is the perfect time to start personal training sessions, get their retirement plans in order, remodel their home, or revamp their style. People have energy and a desire to renew after a long winter, so spring is a great time to suggest to someone that they should start a new service.

Spring Blog Post Ideas just for fun

  • Local hikes, activities, or other small businesses to visit: Your blog should be packed with information, and while it’s best for most of that information to be relevant to your specific industry and business, there’s nothing wrong with some posts that are just for fun! Additionally, blog titles like “best picnic spots in Your Town, Nevada” or “spring activities in Gettysburg” can help boost your local SEO significantly. In the springtime, writing a good blog post can be as simple as expounding on your favorite local activities.
  • Fun recipes with contributions from your team members: On top of the changing weather, spring brings fresh new foods and appetites. As people transition from soups to salads and from hearty breads to light pastries and picnic foods, you can have fun putting together a post about the recipes your team enjoys. You can link to other sites to provide these recipes, but it can be even more fun to get personal or family recipes from your team and blurb them on your website!
  • A list of what everyone on your team is looking forward to or enjoys about the season: While you might have an about me page that provides some details about your team members, it’s never a bad idea to create a blog post to help your customers get to know the team better. Posts about your colleagues’ favorite activities of spring and their likes and dislikes can really humanize your business.


Which of these ideas is your favorite? What other spring blog posts do you love to read? Want more blog advice? See our tips to improve your website content.

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