Fall Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

With the end of summer fast approaching, or even already in the rearview mirror in some locations, it’s time for businesses to start thinking about their fall content strategy. Regardless of how consistent you’ve been with content in the past, fall is a fantastic time to up your game. Many people think of September and October as only the lead-in to holiday shopping, but fall itself actually features many dates that have the potential to be massively profitable for businesses big and small. 

Fall Blog Post Ideas that are Perfect for Small Businesses

  1. Share details about your favorite local autumn events or activities. Regardless of whether you focus more on corn mazes and hay rides or service opportunities and charity 5k’s, people always love getting more information about local activities. As a local business, this is a great opportunity to highlight other local organizations and build relationships with them.
  2. Spotlight your employees’ favorite recipes or fall activities. As a content creator, the collision of pumpkin spice season and the ability to focus on your team is a gift! Giving the spotlight to employees can help show the human faces behind your business and boost both trust and interest from your readers.
  3. Demonstrate how your products or services can help make fall better. Regardless of whether your industry is financial planning or dog bandanas, you can take advantage of the season by showing how you can make your clients’ lives easier! Maybe fall is the perfect time to consult with you to get a jump on end-of-year fiscal planning, or your line of outdoor products can make for great fall hikes. Regardless, show how your business is more valuable than ever this season.
  4. Share how your business creates and evaluates annual goals. With winter on the horizon and the beginning of the next year starting to feel real, other community members and business owners will be eager to hear how your team crafts goals and how you evaluate them as the end of the year nears.
  5. Create a list of things you or your employees are grateful for and let others join in in the comments. Autumn and harvest time are a popular time to reflect on what the year has given us and what we are grateful for. Sharing what you, your business, and your employees are grateful for is a great opportunity to get closer to your community and show the human side of your business.


We hope some of these ideas spoke to you! What has been the best fall blog content you’ve seen so far this year? We’ve been loving posts about local events and fall bucket lists!

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