Importance of a WordPress Website Care Plan

A website care plan is like an insurance policy, in that you may not realize you need one until it's too late. Ask yourself: Could you handle an unexpected crash? What happens if cybercriminals take control of your website? Do you know how to update content, plugins, and other important site elements? Do you even have the time to do all of these tasks? Not to worry, our WordPress support, design, and development team have you covered. Here is a list of WordPress and Woocommerce services we provide.

WordPress Training and Consulting

WordPress & Woocommerce Training and Consulting

WordPress Custom Theme Development

WordPress Custom Theme Development

WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress & Woocommerce Theme Customization

WordPress App Development

WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress SEO & Marketing

WordPress & Woocommerce SEO & Marketing

WordPress and Woocommerce Migration

WordPress and Woocommerce Migrations

WordPress Website Care Plans

WordPress is a powerful platform that's easy to use, SEO friendly, and 100% customizable. The ability to edit your own website and fully customize it also comes with increased maintenance. The WordPress core team and plugin developers release security and feature updates that should be applied as soon as possible. A lack of attention to just this one detail can cost you in the form of a hack or even performance issues.

Whether you have a well-established WordPress site or Woocommerce store, or you are just getting started, we have the support options to help take your website or e-commerce store to the next level.

Per Site
Per Site

Web Pro
Web Hosting + Care Plan

  • Web Pro plan is suitable for smaller websites and start-ups, with lower content volume and infrequent updates. Not eligible for e-commerce.
  • World-Class WordPress hosting
  • Site security review and hardening
  • Support portal
  • WordPress software updates
  • Full daily offsite backup
  • 24/7 up-time monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Database cleanup
  • Detailed monthly PDF reports
  • Free SSL certificate
Per Site
Per Site

Web Elite
Web Hosting + Care Plan

  • Web Elite is for customers that need more updates and development/consulting time and want to ensure all visitors get a fully accessible website experience + additional hours for your ongoing development needs.Have more? Contact us
  • Everything in Web Premium +
  • Priority support
  • 5 Hours of development and consulting
  • Product management - up to 500 products
  • Payment gateway and shipping method setup and managment
  • Monthly web accessibility review
  • Monthly accessibility review and remediation
  • Accessibility software for website users ($500yr value)
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Advanced pagespeed optimization
  • Google Search Console monitoring and fixes
SEO and writing graphics

WordPress & Woocommerce
SEO & Analytics

Getting sales can be hard enough without having to worry about whether your site is SEO-friendly or spending hours digging through analytics reports. Oh, and just when you do figure it out, the search engines will change their algorithm! We help determine how your store is performing with your targeted keywords AND provide analytics and data to back it up. WebArc will monitor and adjust your shop's SEO to help ensure your products can be found in Google and other search engines.

Peace of mind


For WordPress sites, we offer a streamlined update process that ensures your site has the latest versions of plugins, themes, and core WordPress software for maximum safety and optimal performance. We test out changes on a staging server so your site isn't troubled by a bad update to the site. Our Woocommerce sites are carefully tested to ensure you don't miss any sales due to a bad update or poor performance. You’ll receive monthly audit reports documenting updates, database cleanup, and other maintenance work, and you can feel confident knowing your site is maintained by developers with many years of WordPress experience.

E-Commerce data

Keep your E-Commerce
customer data safe

E-Commerce site owners can take comfort knowing our knowledgeable professionals are keeping your customer's information safe. Our hosted Woocommerce sites get premium tools to keep their site safe. We keep access logs so we know who is accessing your site and what they changed. Where applicable we use version control systems and automated hourly backups to make sure your site is fully updated, so you have the latest security tools in place and recovery takes less time in the event of a server crash or another type of incident. 

WordPress care

Website Care Plans
that fit your business

When it comes to your business, you need a conversion-focused website with a modern design, built to support your goals. You can rely on WebArc to create a beautiful, seamless site for both mobile and desktop that provides the all-star first impression that will keep customers coming back. Our support customers also benefit from our ongoing consulting and website content and visual updates to keep your site's content and design relevant and on brand.

Security and Performance

Premium WordPress

Our servers are built for WordPress and Woocommerce sites. We provide lightning-fast performance without the high-end price tag. We have built-in page and server caching utilizing a combination of Nginx FastCGI or Redis page caching and Redis database object caching. We evaluate your site and deploy the most optimal configuration.

Our servers are also built around security tailored to meet the challenges unique to WordPress. We have integrations with multiple WAFS, Fail2Ban, Maldet + ClamAV malware scanning, and multiple Nginx site hardening options.

WordPress care

WordPress & Woocommerce

Ensuring your Shopify store is accessible is one of the most important aspects of having an online store. You need to ensure you are providing those with disabilities the same opportunity to buy your products as everyone else. It's good business and will help keep you out of court. We use both automated and manual tools to analyze your site. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us check all the boxes and ensure that we are getting into every nook and cranny, both to protect you from legal action and to make your site as accessible as possible for every user.

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