Are Online Web Development Courses Worth It?

Whether you are looking for a career change or simply trying to fill a skills gap, now might seem like the perfect time to take online web development courses. With jobs in web development predicted to grow 13% by 2028, it’s an excellent option for securing your financial future. However, times are uncertain and money is tight. Any significant investment, even in your education, has to be carefully considered. Here, we help you ask the right questions to determine whether an online web development course is worth it for your specific situation.

  1. What are you hoping to gain from an online web development course?

If you’re looking for a really big resume boost, this might not be right choice for you. You can definitely use course completion as a line on your resume, and it might give you an advantage in the hiring process. However, it still doesn’t carry the same weight as a degree or certificate program. 

Conversely, if you are looking to fill a skills gap without wasting time and money, this could be the perfect opportunity. Online web development courses are great for freelancers and small agencies who are looking to increase their capacity or number of clients.

  1. Is it likely that you’ll make back the up-front costs?

When considering online web development courses, keep your probable return on investment in mind. If you’re only paying $20 for a course and it teaches you even one valuable tidbit you can use in your work, that’s probably a reasonable expenditure. If the course is $1000, you need to think about what you would have to do to make that money back. Is that one client? Two? Are you likely to gain that number of new clients based on the information you will get from the course? If you’re fairly certain you will make more than you’re spending, great! If not, maybe a different class would be a better option.

  1. Does the course material excite you?

As always, you should put your happiness and long-term goals first. If what’s being taught in an online web development course doesn’t appeal to you, don’t take it! You should focus on learning things you’re interested in doing long-term. This type of class can definitely increase your earning potential; however, it should also have an element of fun. Find a course you enjoy and find exciting. If you look forward to taking the class, you’re more likely to take it seriously and devote yourself to learning.

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