Why a Consistent Brand Identity on your Website is Important

The phrase “brand consistency” gets thrown around so much these days that it’s at risk of becoming nothing more than a buzzword – and things get muddled when it comes to brand consistency on your website. However, understanding (and implementing) appropriate branding can be the key to success for your business. Now that the vast majority of Americans are doing their shopping online and even transitioning to Zoom meetings with their attorneys and tax professionals, having a consistent online presence is more important than ever.

How does cultivating branding on your website help you?

Have you ever had a thought, forgotten it, and had to go back to the spot you were standing before to remember it? I do this all the time. Often, I’ll think of something I need from the grocery store. After the thought has slipped from my mind, I have to go back to the paragraph I was reading or the motion I was doing to remember. What does this have to do with brand consistency?

A huge part of human memory relies on context. We recall things based on specific situations, colors, phrases, and placements. That’s why you won’t see big brands changing their messaging or logos. Think about a company that’s been hounding your inbox or Facebook feed the past few months – we all have them. The wording and offers might have changed slightly, but you’re probably seeing mostly the same stuff from them. Similar photos, language, products, and even layout, right?

They’re doing this for a reason. Psychologically, this type of marketing helps our brains to contextualize and remember particular information. Often, this is a slow burn process. Most people only need to buy athletic wear every few months at most. But if old workout gear wears out and you’ve been seeing advertisements from one company for bargain leggings for the past 6 weeks, that’s likely the first place you’ll look.

You might not have a huge advertising budget, but you probably do have a website! Your site is a critical place for you to build your brand identity and help customers contextualize and remember what you can do for them.

How do you create brand consistency on your website?

One of the key parts of consistent branding is the visuals. If you have theme colors in your office or store, translate those same shades to your website. Often, it’s a good idea to make one of the colors in your logo the primary color on your website. This gives the site a familiar feel and helps it be more memorable. Find more tips about using your logo colors on your site here. When it comes to images, instead of downloading one-off stock photos for your site or blog, look for a suite of images that goes together. By using pictures from the same set or artist, you’ll avoid confusing messaging.

You’ll also want to focus on language and attitude. It can be tempting to make websites funny or abstract, but unless your face-to-face brand aligns with that personality, don’t do it. If you’re an estate planner, you will want to adopt a lexicon that is professional, comforting, and gentle – a guiding hand. If you run a board game shop, you can be more laid-back and humorous. Whatever you choose, make sure you’re keeping your brand and target audience in mind. One more important way to build your brand’s online identity? Social media – read about how to choose the right platform here.

With these tips in hand, you’re on your way to better online branding. Overwhelmed? Think it might be time to give your website a total refresh? Read our tips for knowing if it’s time for an overhaul. Are you wondering if your business needs a website at all? Find out here (hint: it does!).

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