Website Footer Design: Essentials to Include

When designing your pages, it can be easy to forget about your website’s footer. After all, the content you consider first is what will go above the fold. While focusing on the content that’s likely to be seen the most is logical and often beneficial, you shouldn’t neglect your footer design. Many users do scroll the entire page, and it’s the first place your users will look for certain vital information. Read on to find out which essentials you should include in your website’s footer. 

1. Contact information and business hours

When I’m looking for an address or business hours, I refer to the footer before even checking the contact page. This is the most likely place people will look to find out how to give you a quick call or stop by your location. 

2. Social links

Make it easy for customers to find and follow you on social media by putting platform icons that link to your pages. Having accessible links means that more people will be able to track down your social media without having to look you up manually.

3. Legal stuff

At a bare minimum, you should have a privacy and cookie use policy. These help protect you legally in addition to lending transparency to your business and ensuring your customers can trust you. It’s also a good idea to include a link to your terms and conditions as well as any other appropriate disclaimers.

4. Copyright

Putting a copyright notice in your footer is an easy way to help protect you from website fraud or plagiarism. It also builds your credibility. 

5. Badges establishing your expertise

If your business has any kind of certification from an organization like the Better Business Bureau, or if you are part of a partner program with industry leaders, you should include those badges in your footer. While you can also place them on your About page, your footer displays them clearly and globally.

6. Quick links to your most-visited pages

Adding another way for customers to visit your most popular content is never a bad idea. Including quick links to high-traffic pages in your footer design makes it easier than ever for clients to find what they’re looking for. This is a great user experience move since it is intuitive and reduces frustration.


Using a website builder can make global footer design easier than ever. Read more about the advantages of website building tools here. Are any of these items missing from your footer? Let us know in the comments!

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Chantelle Gossner

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